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EEG foam inserts


EEG knurled inserts cut to the packaging shape allow for adhesive application. You can use various types of knurling.



Separators used to protect products during internal and external transport.



Seals are mostly used in industries such as construction, engineering and automotive industry.


Forms and moulded parts


Forms and moulded parts made of various types of foam are most frequently used in industries such as furniture, footwear, advertising, sports, tourism and electronics.

  • Boards made of various types of foam, cut to the dimensions specified by the customer.


  • Milled polystyrene inserts used as transport protection of products. You don't need to buy expensive injection moulds in order to use our inserts.

3D moulds


3D moulds might have pockets in various planes and at various depths. Moulds can be used to protect moving parts of machinery or as covers.

Cork inserts


Cork inserts are made for packing products in an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly way.

Milled packaging inserts



Milled inserts allow to sink product at various depths and emphasize the advantages of the packaged elements. They also effectively protect all products packed in the box.


Die-cut packaging inserts


Die-cut inserts adjusted to the size of the products give excellent protection and emphasize the aesthetics of the packaged products.

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For many years SELMAN Foam Solution has specialized in the manufacture of plastic products such as polyurethane foams, polyethylene foams, ESD, EVA, EPDM and other foams, used in various industries.


We manufacture our products based on our customers' orders and adjust the used raw materials to their needs. Below you'll find the basic groups of our products.